J. Press

It all began in 1902

New Haven, connecticut

Jacobi Press, a Latvian immigrant, settles in New Haven, CT in 1896. He intends to continue his rabbinical studies in America, but instead begins working for Goldbaum Tailors and quickly becomes a partner as Goldbaum & Press.  In 1908, Jacobi buys out Mr. Goldbaum to form his own tailor shop to be known eponymously as J. PRESS.  The rest, as they say, is history.



The future is bright for J. Press as we continue to honor the three Golden Rules established by our founder Jacobi Press over a century ago:


1) Promote longterm value of the product

2) Maintain the quality of the craft

3) Respond to the unique wardobe requirements of a targeted customer base.


Jacobi Press’ craftsmanship focused on the intricacies of construction to establish a silhouette that fits everyone. It then grew in popularity, receiving overwhelming support from Yale students, professors, and alumni. Still today, after 117 years, J. Press remains a pillar of Ivy League style and has stayed true to the quality tailoring and craftsmanship of our historic past.


We invite you to visit us in New York City, New Haven, or Washington, D.C. and become part of our history.