Go Barefoot

Go Barefoot 
Go Barefoot is one of the last original and authentic
Hawaiian Shirt brands with pride in our longevity and heritage.
We're bringing back the original heritage of the Hawaiian Shirt,
our life mission is to keep
the legacy of the Hawaiian Shirt alive for the next generations
to relax and enjoy life in.

There is one thing in life that never changes:

The meaning of Aloha.


It is a way of life. It is an attitude. It is how you choose to live your life. It is given freely without any expectations. There are no entitlements.

The 'Aloha Shirt' symbolizes this lifestyle that is still alive in Hawai'i, and across the globe in the people who have experienced the kindness and respect of 'Aloha'.

We want everyone who puts on one of our Hawaiian Shirts to feel the touch of 'Aloha', and experience the true appreciation of Hawaii's beauty inside and out.

Authencity In Everything

Mr. Hawaii, Inc. has been designing and producing the finest quality Hawaiian shirts. These garments reflect the beauty and aloha that is found in only one place on our planet: The islands of Hawai'i. President Craig Hara still travels back and forth to Hawaii to work with our artists and to develop contemporary authentic Hawaiian prints with the same fabric company we started this business with in the early 1950s.